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Welcome to Nolmitz

Nolmitz Projects specializes in creating tailored design solutions for a variety of projects. Whether you're working on hotels, lodges, guesthouses, new homes, or spas, we offer customized expertise to bring your vision to life. Our holistic approach goes beyond furniture and headboards, encompassing comprehensive interior design solutions. With meticulous attention to detail, we transform spaces into captivating environments that reflect your unique style and purpose. Trust Nolmitz Projects to elevate your project with our unwavering commitment to quality and innovative design. Let us be your partner in turning your ideas into reality.

Nolmitz can design any couch for your space


Elevate your hospitality space with custom-designed furniture from Nolmitz. We specialize in creating bespoke pieces that enhance the ambiance of hotels, guesthouses, and lodges. Our expert designers work closely with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring a seamless blend of style, comfort, and durability.

Whether you're looking for elegant reception area furniture, luxurious guest room furnishings, or functional and stylish dining furniture, we've got you covered. Our meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure that each piece is tailored precisely to your establishment's needs and design aesthetic.

Experience the difference of custom furniture that impresses your guests and stands the test of time. Contact Nolmitz Projects today to discuss your project requirements and let us create furniture that elevates your hospitality space to new heights.

Nolmitz can design any couch for your space

Wall Art

The Impact of Wall Art in Hotels and Lodges

Wall art holds significant importance in hotels and lodges, serving as more than mere decoration. It adds personality and character to spaces, reflecting the establishment's unique style. Beyond aesthetics, wall art creates a warm and engaging atmosphere, evoking emotions and leaving a lasting impression on guests. Thoughtfully chosen pieces showcase local culture, enhance acoustics, and visually expand smaller areas. By incorporating meaningful artwork, hotels and lodges can create immersive environments that resonate with guests and elevate their overall experience.


A good headboard is essential for comfort and style in the bedroom. It provides support while sitting up in bed and adds a stylish focal point to the room.
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